About Stormwave Audio:

Stormwave Audio was established in 2010 in Ireland with a single purpose – to bring your project to the next level with creative sound!

We specialize in top quality sound design – creating professional sound effects, sample libraries, voice clips and music.

Sounds from Stormwave Audio’s extensive library were used in numerous games, movies, shorts and advertisements by Microsoft, Amazon, Discovery Communications, CNN, Sky Media, Bank of America, NVIDIA, Zynga, Qualcomm, Frogwares, Iceberg Interactive and thousands of others corporations, companies and freelancers.

About Me:

My name is Artur – a sound engineer with over 8 years of industry experience. Initially, I wanted to produce sound effects and music for games, but I have found a whole new world in the diversity of projects and freedom brought by creating stock audio. It enabled me to work remotely and travel the world in search of new sounds, brought to you, from this website.

For years I was also professionally playing on keyboards and guitars, performing with popular bands all over the country. It allowed me to network with other musicians to create a range of sample libraries. Now in my free time I’m working on an experimental solo music project with first official release coming soon.

Recently, I disassembled my studio, rounded it down to bare essentials and I am currently travelling around Europe, location independent, gathering the sounds of large cities and capitals such as Rome, Brussels, Bucharest and Vienna.