3 Aug 2017

Out Now – Blue Slap Bass

With great pleasure we can announce that the grooviest slapped bass guitar loop library is now available from Stormwave Audio Shop.

Blue Slap Basscan add extra energy and groove to any genre of music! It is a perfect addition to your uptempo Funk, Jazz, Rock and Hip Hop tracks.

This bundle includes 86 one-bar loops recorded in 120BPM and 150BPM. It features fast and advanced techniques, including double thumb slapping, pull-offs, slides, licks and fills in straight, offbeat and triplet patterns performed by an incredibly talented, professional musician Keelan Kelly who used his own personal favorite 5 string bass guitar – F Bass BN5.

28 May 2017

What Does Royalty-Free Mean?

“If it’s free, why do I need to buy it?”, “You say it’s Royalty-Free, but I have to pay for it?”

I have been getting a lot of similar questions, messages and comments through my social media profiles describing your doubts and confusion about what “Royalty-Free Audio” is exactly. And I’ve decided it’s time to clear some things out, so let’s get started…

What are royalties?

A quick Google search returns the following description:“A sum paid to a patentee for the use of a patent or to an author or composer for each copy of a book sold or for each public performance of a work.”

What does that mean for audio? Highly depending on an agreement, but in general the artist would get paid for every time music or other audio production is broadcasted on radio or TV, played in a public place or performed live. There are even multiple organizations artists can sign up to called Performance Rights Organizations (P. R. O. for short) that manage monitoring the usage of the audio and collecting Royalties from whomever used the audio on behalf of the rights owners.


So in the essence, Royalty-Free simply means that any person using the audio in their projects does not have any further financial obligations and simply doesn’t have to pay any additional costs for broadcast, performance or sales.

But not free?

The word “free” might be misleading at first, but it only applies to lack of Royalties, not the price of the item. In most cases, after a one-off fee, you’re free to use the audio without any extra costs later on. Any further details should be described in the Terms of Use or License Agreement you usually receive along your downloadable files. The license should tell you any limitations you need to keep in mind before you would need to pay any additional money, such as number of copies of the end product, number of plays or views, rights for modification or any use other than originally intended. For example some licenses could be far cheaper, but limit you to non-commercial use, 300,000 of physical copies of a video game or only a single end product.

Stormwave Audio license.

For all of the sound effects and production music from Stormwave Audio’s library you get a full Royalty-Free license for an unlimited number of projects and no quantity/performance usage limits. Which means that after the purchase you can use our audio in as many free and commercial projects as you’d like – as long as you’re the original creator. You can’t re-sell or re-distribute any of the content in isolation in your project or as isolated files. There are no additional costs incurred on you at any time after you have received your license. We do however protect our music with AdRev which means you might have issues with your YouTube monetization rights if you don’t contact us with a link to the video using our music, or your YouTube channel as soon as possible.


I hope you now know what Royalty-Free license is all about. If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions contact me through email or drop me a message on Facebook!